Shamanic Work and Energy Healing

Intuitive Shamanic Practitioner


IMG_9718Clients call me an intuitive Shaman. I call myself a Shamanic Practitioner and I work in South East London or will travel for Ceremony where ever I am needed.I believe that Shamanic work can allow you to move quickly through work to the integration of significant change. This will make your life feel better. You should leave my healing sessions not only healed but also protected. I also try to give you with practical coaching techniques bedded in everyday life to work with to ensure that you can move on with the learning . I not only heal as a Shaman but I also teach Hed

SONY DSCge Shamanism and gentle safe introduction to living and working with Shamanic practices and I conduct ceremony including handfasting / marriage.

I work as a Shamanic Practitioner healing mainly in Beckenham which is a suburb of South East London but described by the post office as Kent. I work in both the UK and Portugal teaching and conducting ceremony.

Shamanic  Practitioner’s  Healing

Sometimes life is overwhelming and a Shamanic Practitioner’s healing energy can act as soothing, calming way of relaxing allowing yourself some respite. A session of Shaman’s healing can leave you restored and rejuvenated. It allows you to be supported and cosseted and to love yourself at little more. Sadly, full healing does not come from just one session although a Shamanic session will clear a remarkable amount of energy! A session with a Shaman can be the start of a long and beautiful journey of discovery and personal growth. If you choose that path I will bring my full range of Shamanic skills and techniques into a sacred, safe space so that you may, if you choose, enter into your self-healing journey.

sunrisepathistockMy role as a Shaman will be to assist you by being an instrument in the process. Working with positive energy healing to help you. Walking with you for a while; supporting you on that journey and teaching you skills so you can continue down the path. Ultimately any healing that occurs belongs to you. You will own it and, with support, shift your internal energies through integration. It is a path to joy, light and self love. I do not see me role as a Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer as creating dependence on me but allowing you to have the strength to move yourself further down your path.

Shamanic Healing and Energy Healing is about making and embracing change leading you to live your whole life with more joy and light. To be the beautiful light being you are meant to be. Let us walk that path side by side for a while?


Teaching and Facilitating Courses and Retreats

I am not a Guru. I passionately believe in teaching and facilitating your learning through allowing you to take back your power and develop it. I run introductory courses in Hedge Srsz_ceremony_on_stonehengehamanism, a safe personal way of living and healing oneself and longer retreats. I run courses in the England and also with GoSpiritual* a Portuguese organisation where I run bi-lingual courses with simultaneous translation into Portuguese. For further details of my current courses go to the page Courses and Retreats.


I also conduct ceremony which is very important to my Practice.

I often complete Despachio which is a very beautiful sacred prayer ceremony which I will conduct where ever it is needed not just in South East London. I like to work with the old sites and have conducted Despachio ceremony on Stonehenge, Evora (Portugal), Avebury, and Coldrum stones in Kent among others. I also conduct it in gardens, woods and houses.stonesinkent2

I hold fire ceremonies regularly, often at my or others homes to celebrate the annual and monthly cycles. I love drumming. I hold healing circles.

I also celebrate Handfastings the ceremony to celebrate marriage.

Where to find me

I normally conduct healing work in Beckenham near Beckenham Junction and Ravensbourne Stations the but I also have other rooms in South East London and Kent which I can rent if it is easier for you travel to other parts of South East London – Vauxhall or Forest Hill- or further out into Kent. Please contact me to arrange this.

I complete ceremony wherever it is wanted or needed

and I teach and run courses and retreats in both England and Portugal.

Sarah is a highly intuitive healer with a powerful spirit and a beautiful heart. I felt protected and cared for. She creates a completely safe space in which healing can happen. I fully trust her integrity, intention and guidance.” Veronika

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