I am an intuitive healer who believes that you should leave a session not only healed and protected but also with practical tools and techniques to make your life better.

Sometimes life is overwhelming and healing energy can act as soothing, calming way of relaxing allowing yourself some respite. A session of healing can leave you restored and rejuvenated. It allows you to be supported and cosseted and to love yourself at little more.

Sadly, full healing does not come from just one session with a healer! A session can be the start of a long and beautiful journey of discovery and personal growth. If you choose that path I will bring my full range of skills and techniques into a sacred, safe space so that you may, if you choose, enter into your self-healing journey.

My role will be to assist you by being an instrument in the process. Working with positive energy to help you. Walking with you for a while; supporting you on that journey and teaching you skills so you can continue down the path. Ultimately any healing that occurs belongs to you. You will own it and, with support, shift your internal energies through integration.

Healing is about making and embracing change leading you to live your whole life with more joy and light. To be the beautiful light being you are meant to be. Let us walk that path side by side for a while?


What do people say about healing with Sarah?
“It has always been a real pleasure to visit Sarah. Her sessions have been very rewarding and grounding with positive results. I leave the session feeling calm and set up with a spiritual tool kit, ready to face the world. After two sessions, I felt I was on the right path for new beginnings and was successful in finding a nice job. She has a calm, positive and creative approach with a generous spirit. I would highly recommend Sarah as a healer. Thank you!” Giselle


Sarah self healing with a labyrinth.

Sarah is a highly intuitive healer with a powerful spirit and a beautiful heart. I felt protected and cared for. She creates a completely safe space in which healing can happen. I fully trust her integrity, intention and guidance.” Veronika

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